I make cool stuff in Unreal Engine 4.  Now that I type that, it seems awfully presumptuous, so let’s just say that I make stuff in UE4 – it’s up to you to decide if, and to what degree, it’s cool.  I’m self-taught, baby.  Everything I know comes from laboring beneath the sheer tyranny of will, hours of researching too-specific issues in support forums and youtube videos, and the wellspring of benevolence from friends who know a lot more than I do.

Anyway, call me a level designer.  I have fun dragging and dropping lots of stuff into a scene and arranging it in different ways until it’s pretty, usually with reckless disregard for performance.  I’m getting better about that, though!  I know what level streaming is now, at least.

So, before this gets awkward, lemme just say that you can catch me on Twitch, Twitter (not guaranteed since I sort of hate it), or by plain old email at battlesquatch@gmail.com.  Let’s have a saucy debate about the merits and pitfalls of early access in the indie games community!  Or I can tell you about my favorite sandwich.  Surprise me, dammit.  I’m so desensitized.

Thanks for reading and/or looking at stuff!

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